I’ve found a couple of options for my hair. I love these both because it keeps my hair down and curly but has it pinned back a little bit.

Hair 1 Hair 2


The only thing is that I would need to cut my hair consistently like 3-4 months before the wedding so that it is all healthy and can grow longer 🙂



Saw this on Pinterest and I thought it was on the whimsical side of fun and it would be great if it could happen and be ok financially.  I would probably have a photographer take a wide view picture and then have it painted but I love the feel of the painter in the background while the ceremony is happening….. although if he could get there early and then paint the background then all he would have to do is add the people…. hmmmm sounds like a plan


Apple Cider

Love the thought or real apple cider (expensive) at my wedding. So possibly Cold Apple Cider and Blackberry Mint Lemonade for my cold drinks.

The next question would be hot drinks???? Hmmmmmm Ya know what just some good coffee…. Maybe from Ya Kun Kaya Toast and some good old half n half and sugar 🙂 sounds tasty and easy


Apple Cider    5a7d6569a23d4b08dbe152457e385da3

Groom/Groomsmen Suit

I loved this look!!!!! All that needs to happen is that my (currently imaginary) fiance would look dashing in it. 🙂 I love the color of the blue, it matches the exact color that I would want for my wedding.

Groom and Groomsmen