I have resisted up until this point… but I decided I should put the pictures down before they disappeared on my. My ring doesn’t have to be one of these but, something in the vein would be wonderful. 1a6b89fa1f9755edefa586ddd73cf0e8b007caccfa66c3e4f0f09ff5963ff467d0ea70475e69a4e4cf27fc6127836702 3d3708021623abea133055c4a363e99a 6e434820cd81c328fefd3b76c94987ef 7b6f7255ad7a781c3fa5d50bbb485796 8b5dd93f32f85591801ae36ec19a23b9 08149c767132088f8aa528e4c1f9a62d 09035f3b99edb7e4779f687be538707c 0783137354b12991935894d880b4b8ef 9721914205027a3707aebf0acedfbd11 c35ce56880924e5d4bc41661d85eccd5 dadb1028d4beebe3b42c28546278635c


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