This particular veil came with a dress and I still think that I like the other dress but the veil is what I’m really after. I told mom that we need to make the veil because it’s super expensive and it seems to be simple to make. It would take time, but simple nonetheless.

veil veil 2

Here are some instructions on how to make your own lace veil

Required materials:

  • Tulle
  • Scissors
  • Hair comb accessory
  • Narrow sewing needle
  • Translucent nylon thread
  • Lace, 1 yard
  • Rotary cutting tool
  • Straight pins
    • 1

      Cut a 24-inch square piece of tulle with scissors for a blusher, or shoulder-length veil. A 36-inch square piece of tulle is needed for a veil that falls around your waist. For a fingertip veil, cut a piece of tulle that measures 48 inches by 54. For a chapel, or floor-length, veil, you’ll need a 72-inch square piece. A cathedral-length veils requires a piece of tulle that measures 72 inches by 108 inches.

    • 2

      Thread a narrow sewing needle with translucent nylon thread.

    • 3

      Gather the top edge of the tulle. Hold the base of the hair comb against the gathered tulle. The tines of the comb and gathered tulle should aim in the same direction.

    • 4

      Stitch the tulle to the base of the hair comb with the threaded needle. Stitch through the tulle and around the base of the comb in a continuous, circular direction to secure the material to the hair accessory. Sew across the gathered tulle and comb repeatedly until you secure all of the material firmly. Secure the thread with a knot when done and cut off excess thread.

    • 5

      Insert the comb into your hair to assess the veil’s length. Trim the bottom of the tulle with scissors if the veil is too long. Set the veil aside.

    • 6

      Lay the lace on your work surface. Trim the bottom corners of the tulle with a rotary cutter to round the end of the veil, if desired.

    • 7

      Use scissors to cut out pieces of the lace pattern in the material that you want to place on your veil. Trim the lace pieces to remove remaining threads that are not part of your desired embellishment.

    • 8

      Test various arrangements with the lace pieces until you find the placement you prefer. Pin each piece of lace to the tulle with a straight pin.

    • 9

      Insert the threaded needle up, from the underside of the material to begin stitching each lace embellishment. Stitch around the entire perimeter of each piece of lace.

    • 10

      Catch threads on the underside of the lace appliqué with the tip of your needle. Secure the lace threads to the tulle with a gentle but firm stitch. The threaded needle should never come all the way through the lace to the top side of the veil. The stitch must run through the underside of the lace appliqué exclusively.

    • 11

      Continue sewing each lace appliqué to the tulle until you affix every piece. When finished with each piece, tie a knot and cut off the excess thread.

      Tips and Warnings

  • The first measurement in each set of dimensions is the length of the top and bottom edges of the veil.
  • Select lace material based on the patterns within the material. For example, if you want to stitch a scalloped lace trim to the edge of the veil, find lace that has scalloping somewhere in its pattern.
  • It is critical that you catch threads on the underside of the lace appliqués and do not stitch through the lace entirely because any stitches through the lace distorts the lace pattern and will be visible when you wear the veil.

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