I love love love this!!!! I had been really hesitating on staying with an outdoor reception just because I can’t really think of a place that would fit in northern California where I would presumably be getting married. However, I found a reception that I could easily see placed in my area. Definitely have the round tables probably, have long tables for the buffet and most definitely have heaters around since I would really love to have my wedding during the fall.

reception   Reception 2

I I found this table for the Bride and Groom, I love the canopy and chandelier in order to designate the special table. Use the touches of autumn leaves, off white flowers and the centerpieces.

reception couple table528cfbae953cd8a2facd08f07765f3d098586005fde02b890808686472332cc5750430308767adc2fb9d8c0185ab1339a5e9cfceb510611a2a50b56c300c8c1c


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