I found a color palette that comes close to what I am looking at. There are two colors that I would change but it’s really easy to see the different colors in place of the other colors. I also like the percentage of blue to the other colors.

color pallet
Instead of the warm olive, I would like to have a burnt orange. There isn’t much of it and it only accents the blues. Then instead of the slate, I would like a cream. I’ve never been a fan of pure white anyways.

I found another color palette that was pretty and I LOVE the blue jacket with the vest for the man


and another palette

Color Palette


Love these for colors, definitely longer styles though!!!



Colors for Bridemaids and Groosmen615b1b47198345a347497a62091a4a7cd78702524d9b5e2e81c149c0f839d257dc346be70bf3443786727569148b5ad7


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