Cake alternative???

Alright so I’m not a huge cake fan…. A decent moist spice cake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting is crazy good and probably what I would want to use for the actual cutting of the cake (either that or maybe a blue velvet cake, it all depends on what my fiancee would want). However, cake is still not my forte, pumpkin pie however…. and pecan pie, and apple pie, and chocolate bourbon pecan pie….. yummy! With a large dollop of whipped cream or as I’ve seen before, heart-shaped slices of ice cream. 🙂

132570-dessert-wedding-tables-2 Cake Alternative rustic-dessert-table2

The next idea that I had was to have all the pies baked individually I found a wonderful little recipe for pies in a tiny little 4 oz. mason jar. With little crust shaped hearts baked on the top. I could have them all baked and given to the individuals on the dessert tables…. or…… I could give them away for my wedding favors and just have cake. I could make them unbaked and keep them refrigerated with instructions/thank you note on top.


I also love this dessert table table idea with the homemade cookies on the side. My aunts, grandma, and mother, and myself baking for a while right before….. or maybe have a bakery with all my favorite cookies in the works.

dessert table

I saw this wonderful thing on pinterest and while I know I probably wouldn’t ever be able to do this at any point in time….. maybe at rehearsal dinner???? I couldn’t pass it up and then lose it forever 😦 so I posted it 😀

Smores Bar

I have found another pie display that is quite yummy! Honestly, I have so many ideas on the subject that someone else is going to have to choose what will actually happen… or maybe the groom may have an opinion.

Mini Pies


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