The bridesmaids

So I definitely plan on taking care of my girls. I know my bridesmaids will be some of my best friends (I’m pretty sure I know most of them) and I want them to have just as much fun as possible. First there’s the process of asking them to be my bridesmaid and I ran across this example of fun and excitement.


Here are a few ideas:

Starbucks via

Chocolate (or other candy)

Stick of gum

Color palette of my wedding colors (not my original idea but brilliant nonetheless)

Facial wipes

Cute page of a romantic book (probably Jane Austen)

and maybe a few other ideas 🙂 who knows what I’ll come up with

Here’s another website with her ideas:

“She went down to her local JoAnn’s and bought some unfinished Cigar boxes. You can buy them online for $3.49. She then painted them a sweet cream and blue Bahama. Wonderful wedding colors as well. Don’t you think?

The outside of the box got two to three coats of light ivory to cover up the natural wood aura, and inside was treated to one layer of ivory, too. After that dried attacked the inside lid with a pencil, and free handed the bracket. We suggest downloading the template here and tracing.

used a few sets of playfully calligraphic adhesive letters. You can pick those up at your local craft store. Before filling it with goodies used two coats of satin varnish, even over the letters.

Then it was time to tackle the contents. The bottoms got lined with vintage handkerchiefs.

wanted to lay out all the details about the wedding. She purchased scalloped A6 postcards and laid out all of her info in Word, making sure each postcard was progressively longer, allowing her to cut, then bundle. If you click on the photo you can read all of her wording to get more of an idea.
In the boxes, she placed photos of an inspiration board and paint chips to show where she was going with her color scheme. This is such a fun and unique way to ask your favorite ladies to be part of your special day. A lot of work is involved, but your besties will love it.”

-Second the gifts:

I’m thinking some cute tumblers ($5 from Walmart) filled with a pair of earrings and a note or something like that it’s easy, it’s practical, it’s useful and the note brings in an incredibly personal touch that I will probably tear up over when  I am writing them. (Still debating whether I should have a normal tumbler or have a wedding themed ones like the following [more expensive])

bridesmaid tumbler


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