Lots of fun things!!!!

Alright so I’m really excited about this one because it’s a combination of two things that I saw that are going to be brilliant. The first idea that I came across was the table numbers. In this person’s idea, the guest would sit at any table they’d like but the tables do have numbers. Then the guest would write a note to the new couple that they would open up on their anniversary. The notes from that table would be opened up on the corresponding number anniversary i.e. table 12’s notes would be opened on their twelfth anniversary. So provide the stationary and cute pens (oh is this a wedding favor idea coming on????…… clearly a future blog to come) and then…….. my corresponding idea!!!!!!!!!

Lots of fun things!!!!

Alright so I saw this picture and it was great!!!!!! Message in a bottle has always held a certain place in my heart (in previous years when friends went away I would give them a “friend in a bottle” messages from their friends so when they are down they get an instant friend) So I can gather cool wine bottles and decorate them and then the guests put their messages into the bottle at their table! Oh and now I have another idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

table decor anniversary 2

ok so initially I was thinking that in order to get the messages we would probably have to break open the bottle which I could use the shard to make a cool stepping stone which could be a great idea but another idea hit me. I recently saw a technique of how to cut the tops off of the bottles. So instead we could cut the tops off the bottles and turn them into cute vases for around the house.

bottle cutting

wine bottle cutting

basic instruction just in case the link gets deleted:

1. make one cut with a wine glass cutter (http://www.amazon.com/Generation-Green-g2-Bottle-Cutter/dp/B007H1HQW0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1342892552&sr=8-2&keywords=wine+bottle+cutter)

2. slowly pour boiling water on the cut

3. then slowly pour cold water on the cut

4. continue to alternate the temperature water until the top falls off


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