I SPY fun and games :)

Found this beauty and immediately fell in love with the idea. Let’s just say that the guests to my wedding are not going to be bored. For each table, there can be either one or two disposable cameras and have an I SPY game going. There are several parts to this craft as well. First, I could purchase some cute wedding disposable cameras from a wedding favor site for around $4-5:

Disposable camera

or I could just buy cheapo cameras and cover them myself with this template and these instructions


1) Resize the template so that it measures 7 1/4″ wide by 7 1/8″ high. Lighten the color of the template if it is too dark.

2) Add your text, clipart, or photos to the white areas of the template. (The shaded areas will be cut out.)

3) Print a test page on plain paper. Cut it out around the outline, use your craft knife to cut out the six shaded areas and fold on the fold and tab lines.

4) Remove the cardboard cover from your camera and replace it with your test “skin”. If it fits well, go ahead and print it out on the paper of your choice.

5) Using glue or a glue stick, apply glue to the tabs and attach the skin to the camera.

If you prefer to fill the entire area of the skin with a design, it’s not hard to do, but since the template is not transparent in the interior, it will require two steps.

6) First make sure that the template is centered on your page. Then place a rectangle over it and make certain that it extends beyond all the edges of the template beneath it. Fill this rectangle with the color or pattern of your choice (like we did with our “kissy lips” camera skin!) and center it on the page. You should not see the template beneath it.

7) Print the filled rectangle on a sheet of test paper.

8) Go back to your project and remove the rectangle by cutting (Ctrl-X) – not deleting. This will enable you to paste (Ctrl-V) the rectangle back in place if you need to without having to recreate it.

9) Now you should see only the template on your page. Flip the template horizontally, as you would for a t-shirt transfer. Put the paper with the printed rectangle back into the printer to print on the opposite (blank) side.

10) Print the template on the blank side. Cut it out and proceed as above in step 4.

Then I would need to leave these small instructions on the table in a fun and artsy way with a note from the bride and groom:

I Spy

Then finally we would leave a note that made sure the guests knew they should leave the cameras so that we could upload the pictures. Of course we should probably have a place for them to put the cameras (then they can take pictures of our getaway and not worry about putting the cameras back on the table). Oooo this particular drop off is a little tacky but we can spruce that up 🙂

disposable camera drop off

Then we would leave a business card with the webpage address so that they could see the pictures that they took and also upload any other pictures that they love. Hmmmmm maybe even have the bride and groom vote for the best table’s I SPY results and post on the web page.

Camera at reception


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