Gifts for Mom and Dad

So I’ve found the perfect gifts for my mom and dad and I’m pretty sure both of them will bawl their eyes out of their sockets!!!!!! The first is for my dad. He is such a big softy with a hard shell on the outside and if I put a picture of either him and me on my wedding day or him and me when I was little or even just me dad would totally put it on his desk at work! I kinda like the wood finish but I would prefer a nicer stain with a little bit of decoration on the edges.

Parents gifts 2

The second one I found while looking for a picture of the frame above and it just about made ME cry. Good grief. My mom’s favorite book to read us when we were little was called “I Love You Forever” She would sing it to us as we went to bed, during the daytime, in the morning after she woke us up.

parents gifts

I don’t really like the format of this frame so I would probably try to make it identical to my dad’s frame and definitely put a picture of me and mom on my wedding day. Hmmmm maybe I’ll have a good friend run to walgreens or something during the in between ceremony and reception to print it off so I can give it to them before my husband and I leave for my honeymoon….. All in the future of course!


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