The Artsy Vows

Can I just say…. I LOVE THIS?!?!?! I always love the really simple artsy things to put on the wall and something like this is totally perfect for me. I’ve been looking at those posters, the ones that describe a big city that looks just like this, and have debated getting them for my favorite cities, but they just don’t mean anything to me personally. Now that this idea has popped onto my radar I have an excuse (well, I will have an excuse) to have the style on my wall and it’ll be super personal. The idea is that they aren’t your actual wedding vows, instead they are the practical promises that the bride and groom would make to one another. For example the bride would/could say “… to play halo even though I’m not very good” or the groom could say “… to open all the jars with difficult lids.” (<—– sooooo cute) and then frame it and stick it on the wall with the wedding pictures. Not only is it cute and sentimental for newlyweds, it will also be a good reminder when they are married for a few years….. all in the future of course!!!

Artsy vows


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