Some Seating Specialties

My papa died when I was twelve and I am forever saddened that he will not get to see my wedding day. I ran across this idea on pinterest and not only will it bring tears to my grandma and mother’s eyes, it will also remind me of how precious my papa was to me and how his marriage to my grandma is a model forever stamped upon my mind. Love you Papa…. all in the future of course.


While this idea is cute, I think it could also turn out to be uncomfortable for the guests and even more so for my family. My papa will not be at my wedding and even pretending that he is there through the presence of a picture gets uncomfortably close to some weird theology. He won’t be present at my wedding but this is ok because he is enjoying the presence of the Lord and therefore, the best I will be able to do is possibly describe it to him once I am in heaven as well.


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