Program Idea

This is rather like a yearbook page that I did. We had senior superlatives and had the silhouettes of people who were the “Most likely to write a book”, “Most likely to be a soccer mom”, and “Most likely to be married first.” Normally, wedding programs are only a single fold, but I like this idea so much that I might have to add a page into the program…. all in the future of course.


I have found another idea as well as a note for a helpful reminder:

programs 2

….sad…. just realized the program was for a lesbian wedding 😦 😦 😦

Reminder: At the end of the program just put a little blurb about what the couple has planned (where they’re going to live, jobs, education, etc.) The guests will appreciate knowing how you are going to start your new life.

Add:so thought….. do i have any of the wedding programs for the weddings that I have attended…. answer-no way! So it came to me… I don’t need to spend a ton of money on specialty paper!!!! 🙂 I love lightbulb moments


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