A Ten Year Tradition

Yet another event to add to a ceremony. The original idea is to put a wine bottle, wine glasses and a love letter written on the eve of the wedding into a wine box. Then during the ceremony the pastor/officiant explains while the couple nails the box shut. Then during their first big fight they open the box, go to separate corners of the house with their glass of wine and read their letters to each other. I think it would be nicer to leave open a letter slot so that every anniversary they write another letter of reflection to each other until their tenth anniversary. Then they open the box and read their letters together while enjoying a good bottle of wine. Who knows maybe my (future) husband and I will like the tradition so much we will put the opened letters back in along with another bottle, nail it shut and keep writing letters. In any case it makes for a nifty part of the ceremony, good decoration in house, and something special to look forward to on the tenth anniversary (other than the other obvious things to look forward to)….. all in the future of course.


Hmmmm I think this is one of those fads that I was immediately drawn to but as I look back it seems a little weird. I don’t think we will need a box to remind us of our love for each other, not saying that we will be perfect. Instead, I think it would be best to always keep in mind that the Word of God will always be the fount from which we draw strength to love each other…. not our romantic feelings (as wonderful as they are).


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