Guest Book

I didn’t know what to call it; couldn’t you tell? The post that I got this from used a cajun dictionary (don’t ask me why it was Cajun) but I was thinking this would be wonderful with a Bible. I’m thinking of putting this in the entry way right next to the guest book and then next to the guest’s name they can put their passage that they write about. It not only focuses the guests’ minds but also eats up the awkward waiting time before and after the ceremony (if there’s any downtime). There’s a new journal Bible out that has lines for you to write notes and it would be perfect for guests to circle/star their favorite passages and then leave a little note for the bride and groom. It can be from their favorite verse of all time, a joking verse (taken out of context some verses can be quite funny), or a verse relating to the event of marriage. You can see the personality of each of the guests as they choose and it will be a blessing to them and the bride and groom as they see their friends’ heart…. all in the future of course!!!

Guest book


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